Covid-19 vaccine: postpone the date of my second injection safely?

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Millions of people in the world have already received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Therefore, they hope to benefit from their second injection, but for some, this second appointment is inconveniently scheduled. So the question arises: is it possible to postpone the date of this second dose? Is this risky?

Can we advance or delay the administration of the second dose without running any risk? Immunologist Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, answered this question in Le Parisien on May 20.

Covid-19 vaccine: is it risky to postpone the date of your second injection?

"Advancing or delaying the date of your second dose by a few days does not pose any health risk," said the immunologist. But he pointed out that a certain gap between injections can have an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, the AstraZeneca serum should be received "between the ninth and twelfth weeks" to benefit from the effects of the second dose. For the messenger RNA formulas, specifically those of Moderna and Pfizer, "this window is between the 3rd and 6th week," he said.

"In the seventh week for one (Pfizer and Moderna) or the thirteenth for the other (AstraZeneca), it can still work. But if we delay it too long, the risk is to lose immediate effectiveness. And conversely, if the second dose is too much near the first, we gain immediate effectiveness, but in the long term we do not know, "he explained.

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