Covid-19: vitamins are vital

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A study highlights the relationship between the prevalence of the disease and the lack of micronutrients.

Every year, as we know, as winter approaches, it is advisable to strengthen your immune system by providing vitamins and minerals. With the ongoing pandemic, this is more necessary than ever. Spanish researchers have analyzed the relationship between Covid-19 and the vitamins and minerals that are known to be necessary for the good state of our immune system. We know them as vitamins D, A, C, B9, B12 in addition to zinc, iron, copper, and selenium.

The researchers carried out a kind of audit of the nutritional status of the populations of ten countries to compare them with the epidemiological data on Covid-19, taking into account a significant genetic factor.

As expected, there is a correlation between the incidence of the disease - and the mortality induced by it - and a very low consumption of vitamins and minerals, which is more in populations genetically predisposed to present a higher status low in micronutrients (because they are not they are all the same from this point of view).

Therefore, it is necessary to have all the counters in green when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Researchers are emphasizing vitamin D and iron, which are very important in building strong immune defenses that can protect us against Covid-19, which all suggest that we are far from getting rid of it.

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