Covid-19: which countries have best handled the pandemic? The classification of good and bad students

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A team of Australian researchers has observed the management of the health crisis in some 100 countries. To do this, they analyzed various factors such as the number of new daily cases and deaths, but also the screening methods. Discover their classification.

For more than a year, Covid-19 has spread globally, but some countries have managed to better manage the evolution of the health crisis. The Lowy Institute in Sydney (Australia) was particularly interested in the management of the pandemic by different countries of the world. Therefore, the researchers created an interactive infographic that groups around 100 countries. Thanks to their results, they were able to establish a ranking.

Which countries have best controlled the spread of the virus?

For its evaluation, the Lowy Institute analyzed criteria such as the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases, detection devices and the mortality rate. New Zealand is the region that has best controlled the spread of the virus, according to the results. Starting in March 2020, the government closed borders, schools, businesses, and non-essential businesses. Thanks to this first strict containment, no new cases of Covid-19 were identified from May to August. However, a new source of pollution appeared in Auckland in August 2020. Therefore, the executive reconfigured the city for three weeks until early September.

In their study, the researchers called the containment and testing measures introduced by New Zealand "swift" and "robust". The other countries that top the ranking in terms of handling the pandemic are:








Sri Lanka

Covid-19: Brazil at the end of the ranking

According to the Lowy Institute, countries with fewer than 10 million people appear to have managed the health crisis better. "In general, countries with smaller populations, cohesive societies and competent institutions are favored to face a global crisis such as a pandemic," the document reads.

Brazil ranks last in the rankings. It is the second country most devastated by the health crisis. In early January, Brazil surpassed the 200,000 dead mark from Covid-19. The vaccination campaign began on January 19, but the executive fears a rapid shortage of vaccine stocks. Mexico, Colombia, Iran and the United States are also among the states that have had the most difficulty controlling the spread of the virus.

"Some countries have handled the pandemic better than others, but most countries stood out only for their poor performance," the study authors said. They also clarified that China was not counted in the ranking because there is not enough public data to evaluate its handling of the health crisis.

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