Covid-19: Which Older Adults Will Get Vaccinated First?

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We have known for a long time that people over 65 are the subjects most at risk of contracting Covid-19. The older we get, the more vulnerable we are to disease.

Each government will have to decide its vaccination plan, for example in the case of France they will be reserved for residents of nursing homes (and the staff who work there) where the epidemic caused a real crisis during the first wave and also during the second.

The problem: not everyone over 75 is a resident of a specialized establishment, far from it. Millions of older people live in their homes, often in very poor health and varying degrees of dependency requiring care from specialized personnel. However, initially, the vaccination plan does not include them or those who care for them on a daily basis.

In the columns of Le Parisien, in France, the president of the association of directors of establishments for the elderly and home help services does not hesitate to speak of a "dysfunction of the State" recalling that of the 20,000 deaths in the hospital due to Covid -19, 80% were over 80 years old and "the vast majority were followed at home. We do not care about the elderly in independent residences and all those who are at home die"

In fact, this segment of the population will only be vaccinated during the second phase of the campaign, which includes those over 75 and then 65, that is, 17.5 million French people. Obviously, you cannot immunize all of them at once. However, the French hope that there will be no other tragedy at the end of this decision.

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