Covid-19: why the virus is reducing men's desire

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The disease affects the male sex hormone. And that doesn't just have consequences in bed.

The coronavirus, which is actively circulating at the moment, is believed to have an effect on testosterone levels in men, causing a significant drop in desire. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men.

The virus, responsible for respiratory disorders and great fatigue, especially in the elderly, is necessarily synonymous with a drop in libido. But this would be increased, because the infection would lower the production of this hormone (already naturally at mid-mast after 50 years, we speak of andropause). Up to 30% according to the results of Turkish researchers, whose results appeared in The Male Aging magazine.

But that is not all. If the sexual desire decreases; Even in some asymptomatic patients, this decrease in testosterone would have much more serious consequences, as it would lead to a step in intensive care - and consequently a risk of mortality - more important in these patients. Such is the observation of researchers from the University of Mersin (Turkey).

They analyzed the testosterone level in the blood of 221 men with Covid-19. Among them, 20% were asymptomatic, 60% were hospitalized in internal medicine and the remaining 20% had been admitted to intensive care. However, the scientists explain in their study, published in the journal Aging Male, that "the level of testosterone was significantly lower in the group of men in intensive care than in the rest."

In other words, low levels of the famous hormone increase the risk of respiratory infections. "A drop in testosterone is also associated with hospitalization due to infections and all-cause mortality in men in intensive care, so treatment with testosterone may have benefits," the study authors conclude.

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