Covid-19: why we should continue to wear a mask when the vaccine is available

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Wearing a mask is essential to combat Covid-19. For several months, this face shield has been used to protect ourselves and those around us. And we will have to get used to using this valuable weapon against the virus for some time.

A relaxation of barrier gestures will not be possible, even when vaccination against the coronavirus is available, this was stated by French Health Minister Olivier Véran, on December 3, during a press conference.

The vaccine helps reduce severe forms of Covid-19

Olivier Véran explained that "the vaccine represents great hope". However, "at this point we must be very careful. First, because there are a series of steps we must take before authorizing and distributing vaccines. Second, in the coming months, the vaccine will not fundamentally change the course of the epidemic." , said.

"Reducing the severe forms of Covid-19" is the main goal of the vaccine, said the Minister of Health. This will help prevent "overcrowding in hospitals and allow caregivers to have time for other patients."

Olivier Véran asked the population to remain alert. "Yes we will keep the mask, yes we will maintain the barrier gestures for several months", in particular because "vaccination is progressive, it will take several months to cover the entire population, there will be people vaccinated and others not. Furthermore, it does not guarantee that it will prevent transmission of the virus, is of the use that we will know ".

"Therefore, we will have to remain vigilant together, for example maintaining barrier gestures, continuing the tests, tracking contact cases, guarding when we test positive, in short, we will be in contact for a few months with the reality that has been ours for some time. time, "he continued.

Covid-19: "immunize against fears"

At the same time, the Health Minister asked the population, whose majority distrust the Covid-19 vaccine, to "immunize against fears" before "immunizing against the coronavirus." "The vaccine against fear is knowledge and is good understanding," he insisted.

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