Covid-19: why young people do not get vaccinated first

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Most countries have decided to vaccinate older people first. However, others, like Indonesia, preferred to prioritize younger people.

Most governments opted for this strategy because the World Health Organizations Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization recommended that countries prioritize people over 60 years of age to "maximize the impact of available vaccines to limit severe morbidity and mortality ".

"Countries should start by vaccinating older people who are at higher risk of serious disease, and then move to younger age groups as a sufficient supply of vaccine doses becomes available," WHO said in your site.

Young people are not a priority either because at the moment, scientists do not know if vaccines against Covid-19 are capable of preventing all contagion. "Today we do not know anything if the vaccine prevents the transmission of the virus. Then you are going to vaccinate them and if that is the case they will always be transmitters. Then it does not make sense. We must vaccinate those who are the target, those who can be give and that they have a severe risk ", explained to FranceInfo the president of the High Authority of Health, Dominique Le Guludec.

Like other countries, Indonesia is implementing a massive and free vaccination program against covid-19, but with a very different approach from the others.

Instead of vaccinating the elderly in the first phase of application, the first doses - after health workers - will be for workers between 18 and 59 years old.

Younger workers, such as street vendors, are seen as the key population to fight the virus.

President Joko Widodo, 59, has volunteered to be first in line. Vice President Ma ruf Amin, 77, will not receive the injection soon, because he is too old.

Why is this unusual approach?

Professor Amin Soebandrio, who has advised the government on its "youth first" strategy, indicates that it makes sense to prioritize the immunization of workers, those "who leave the house everywhere and then return home at night. with their families".

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