Covid symptoms: 6 skin manifestations to recognize

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Several studies and data collections have analyzed the skin manifestations of Covid-19. Urticaria, redness, frostbite. These are the main symptoms that can appear on the skin.

Last April, the National Union of Dermatologists-Venerologists (SNDV) alerted to new skin symptoms from Covid-19. Identified by more than 400 dermatologists gathered in a WhatsApp group, these manifestations mainly related to adolescents and young adults, most often asymptomatic.

Shortly thereafter, the French Society of Dermatology released its first progress report on the collection of skin lesions that may be associated with Covid-19. Since then, new studies on the subject have been published.


"Acrosíndromes". This is the term used by the National Union of Dermatologists-Venerologists to refer to certain skin lesions identified during the coronavirus epidemic. This word refers to a set of symptoms that affect the extremities. In the context of the pandemic, these manifestations rather take the form of pseudo-frostbite of the extremities. "The presentation may be banal frostbite (pink-purple painful or itchy limb lesions) others are more swollen, even bullous and crusted, sometimes with an extension on the back of the feet or hands," added the company. French Dermatology.


Transient hives were also reported during the Covid-19 epidemic. "These are distributed mainly in the trunk or are scattered. In some cases, these lesions were palmar," reads a study published in April in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Redness of the face

Another manifestation of the skin potentially associated with Covid-19: facial redness. A symptom that comes on suddenly and can sometimes be painful, specifies the National Union of Dermatologists-Venerologists.

Various skin rashes

The British Journal of Dermatology study also identified vesicular eruptions as part of the Covid-19 epidemic. "Some were in the trunk and were made up of small monomorphic vesicles. They can also affect the extremities, have a hemorrhagic content, and become larger or more diffuse."

The presence of maculopapules, in other words, red spots, has also been described. These were sometimes similar to pityriasis rosea, an inflammatory disease characterized by diffuse papules or scaly patches.


The study published in the British Journal of Dermatology highlights the presence of livedo in some patients affected by the coronavirus. This manifestation of the skin takes the form of a mottled purple erythema and can progress to necrosis.

The Enanthem

Enanthem is a rash that appears on the mucous membranes like the mouth and looks like red spots. Very common in people affected by a viral infection such as chickenpox or FMD, it has also been identified in patients with Covid-19. This is what a Spanish study published in the journal JAMA Dermatology reveals. "The oral rash appeared between two days before the onset of the other Covid-19 symptoms and 24 days later, with an average delay of approximately 12 days after the onset of symptoms," this research underscores.

The skin manifestations associated with Covid-19 can also take other, more diverse forms. However, the presence of such symptoms is not necessarily related to coronavirus infection, underscoring the importance of detection. "We are alerting the population and the medical profession to detect these potentially contagious patients as soon as possible (without necessarily showing signs of respiratory distress)," the National Union of Dermatologists and Venerologists explained in a press release.

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