Covid vaccine: Inserm is looking for tens of thousands of volunteers to test it

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The race for vaccines against Covid-19 has lasted several months. But when can we receive treatment? Inserm president Gilles Bloch believes a vaccine could be available "in the heart of winter." The institute's goal is to recruit "tens of thousands of volunteers" to test it.

For several months, laboratories and researchers around the world have struggled to find a cure for the coronavirus. As of yet, no vaccine has completed its development and much research and clinical trials are still underway around the world. So a question arises: will a possible vaccine against Covid-19 be available soon?

"In the best optimistic scenarios, we could have a vaccine in the middle of winter," Gilles Bloch, president of Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research), revealed to FranceInfo on September 28. He stressed that the scientific community and the industrial community mobilized to find a vaccine and that 300 projects are being implemented around the world. The president of Inserm believes that "we can be reasonably optimistic because there are trials that are in phase three. These trials in thousands of healthy volunteers provide elements of efficacy and safety."

Recruit "tens of thousands of volunteers" to test the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gilles Bloch indicated that clinical trials to find a vaccine against the coronavirus will begin "very soon" in France. The Inserm president also announced that the institutes goal was to recruit "tens of thousands of volunteers." "We set up a configuration at the request of Inserms two supervisory ministries - the Ministry in charge of Research and the Ministry of Health. We have created a platform for recruiting healthy volunteers, to be able to host large trials in France," he said.

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