Diabetic: green tea and coffee are your allies

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Drinking tea and coffee may reduce the risk of death in people with type 2 diabetes, a new study shows.

Many studies agree that tea and coffee are two excellent beverages for the body due to the bioactive compounds they contain. Rich in antioxidants, coffee works against inflammation and cellular aging and helps protect the body from certain chronic and cardiovascular diseases, cancer and even diabetes. Most of these beneficial effects are also found in tea.

To go further, researchers from the University of Kyushu (Japan) studied the impact of these drinks on people with type 2 diabetes. Thus, for almost five years, the scientist Yuji Komorita and his colleagues have followed the health status of almost 5,000 Japanese with an average age of 66 who suffer from this chronic disease. During his experience, 309 people died, 114 of them from cancer and 76 from cardiovascular diseases.

But what the scientists found was that participants who drank one of the two drinks regularly were less likely to die than the others. Thus, those who drank at least one cup of green tea a day saw their risk of death decrease by 15% and up to 40% for heavy users (more than four cups a day). The same goes for coffee lovers: the risk of death was 19% lower with one cup a day and even 41% with two or more cups.

Unsurprisingly, deaths from the heaviest drinkers (tea and coffee combined each day) were even less common - up to 63% lower risk for a combination of four cups of green tea and two cups of coffee per day!

Caffeine could affect insulin production

However, the authors of the study, published in the British Medical Journal: Open Diabetes Research & Care, are cautioned that this is only an observational study as no causal link has been discovered. "Tea contains several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, including phenols. Caffeine is believed to affect insulin production and sensitivity," the study read. So, tea or coffee? If you have diabetes, maybe even both.

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