Discover the advice to fulfill your good resolutions for 2021

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To follow your New Years resolutions to the letter, researchers have found the solution. In fact, everything is in the formulation.

Quitting smoking, playing sports, following a diet, reading more books, changing jobs, each year the transition to the new year is an opportunity to formulate good resolutions.

Despite all your good will, it is a safe bet that, like every year, you will not respect these good purposes. Researchers have analyzed the question and found a way to help you keep your promises. According to the findings of a study published December 9 in the American scientific journal PLOS ONE, all you need to do is ... formulate your resolutions well.

In fact, the way they are formulated has a huge impact on the bottom line. For example, if you rephrase your resolution from "I will stop / avoid" to "I will start", you have a better chance of achieving your goals. That is one of the findings from the worlds largest study of New Years resolutions.

This study is based on resolutions taken by 1,066 people at the end of 2017 and was carried out in collaboration between Stockholm University and Linköping University. Participants in this experiment were able to formulate their own resolutions and then divided into three different groups. All three groups received varying degrees of support throughout the year: no support, moderate support, and strong support. Throughout the year, the follow-up of the participants was carried out by the scientific team.

Choose a focus target

"It was found that the support given to the participants did not make a big difference in how the participants kept their resolutions throughout the year. What surprised us was the impact. How to formulate your good resolution on the end result," he said Professor Per Carlbring from the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University. Therefore, the participants who formulated an "approximation goal" had the highest success rate. A focus goal in this case is a resolution in which you are trying to adopt a new habit or introduce something new into your life.

Resolutions to avoid or stop something, also known as "avoidance goals," have been found to be the least effective. "In many cases, reframing your resolution could definitely work. For example, if your goal is to stop eating sweets to lose weight, you will probably be more successful if you say -I will eat fruit several times a day-. Then replace the caramel with something else. healthy, which probably means that you will lose weight and also maintain your determination. You cannot erase a behavior, but you can replace it with something else. It will be more difficult to apply the resolution -I will quit smoking- ", concluded Professor Per Carlbring.

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