Do men who take selfies have psychological problems?

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If the question is somewhat provocative, it deserves to be asked in the face of this fashion for selfies, a fundamental trend that does not only affect adolescents. One study even turns up interesting facts about people who take selfies as adults.

The study was conducted by Jesse Fox of the University of Ohio on a cohort of nearly 800 men between the ages of 18 and 40. The objective was to define the psychological characteristics of the men who spend their time photographing themselves and retouching photographs.

Tendency to psychopathy

It turns out that men who take selfies have, more than average, narcissistic tendencies and close to psychopathy. If we take the definition of a medical encyclopedia,

"The term psychopathy designates a state of psychological imbalance that is characterized by certain tendencies not adapted to life in society. On the other hand, the psychopathic individual does not present intellectual deficit or psychotic attack."

Therefore, although the concept contains an antisocial character, fortunately it does not necessarily imply violent behavior.

A notion of impulsiveness

Another point: the tendency of the selfie - which also consists of taking photographs on the spot, as soon as the situation lends itself to it - still reveals an impulsive, narcissistic character, typical of people who tend to isolate themselves.

The line is obviously forced, and not everyone who takes a photo has serious psychological problems. However, it allows us to reflect on the internal behaviors that this gesture reveals.

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