Does Covid-19 make tinnitus worse?

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A new study suggests that the coronavirus could exacerbate these annoying noises.

Buzzing, crackling, hissing. This hearing discomfort is called tinnitus. The origins of these parasitic noises are not well understood, and treatments are not yet effective enough. However, a new study suggests that Covid-19 patients could see their tinnitus intensify.

Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK) have documented more than 3,000 patients from 48 countries with tinnitus. 4 out of 10 patients have noticed that their tinnitus worsens, according to the results of this cross-sectional study. This particularly affected women and people who were experiencing loneliness or trouble sleeping (and thus more anxiety).

In a small part of them, tinnitus even started at the time of infection, suggesting that this significant hearing discomfort could be another symptom of the coronavirus.

Results that will need to be confirmed by further research. Meanwhile, they reflect the need for proper management of this hearing discomfort, especially during this pandemic period.

Good to know: people over 65 (a population at risk of contracting the virus) who suffer from tinnitus should not hesitate to seek medical advice. In fact, in 80% of people affected by these noises, the use of a device would reduce the tinnitus.

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