Donald Trump infected with COVID-19

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A month before the elections, the president of the world's greatest power left the White House without saying a word, wearing a mask, to arrive by helicopter at Walter Reed's hospital in the suburbs of Washington.

"I want to thank everyone for the incredible support. I think I am doing very well, but we will make sure things go well," he said in a video message posted on Twitter shortly after leaving.

According to his spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany, this hospitalization, which should last "a few days", was decided "out of extreme caution" and on the recommendation of medical experts. Donald Trump will work there "from the presidential offices," he said.

The concern was spreading to the Republican field a month before the presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden, who immediately returned to the campaign.

Late Friday night, former close adviser to Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway reported that she caught COVID-19 in turn on Twitter. "Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms are mild (weak cough) and I feel fine. I am now in quarantine and the doctors are following me. As always, my heart goes out to all those affected by this global pandemic," he wrote .

The 45th president of the United States "continues to suffer from fatigue, but his morale is high," his doctor Sean Conley said Friday afternoon in a new health report in a less calm tone than he did in the evening, when he had assured that his patient was "fine". Doctors injected him with a dose of the experimental cocktail of synthetic antibodies developed by the Regeneron company.

Experts emphasized the danger of injecting the most powerful man in the world with a drug that was certainly promising, but still so little proven, due to possible side effects.

With elderly patients, "in general, I am very careful with everything that is experimental and has not been tested," Carla Perissinotto, a geriatrician at the University of California, San Francisco, told AFP.

The US president, who has continued to downplay the pandemic and increase the number of gatherings, often in defiance of health regulations, announced this rebound himself in a campaign tense to the extreme. "The first lady and I have tested positive for COVID-19," the 74-year-old Republican billionaire wrote in a tweet that quickly broke records for "Like" mentions. She explained that she and Melania Trump were going into quarantine.

White House officials, while evoking "mild symptoms," wanted to reassure him about his speedy recovery, insisting that he remained in control of the country. "Obviously he takes it seriously, but he is a fighter, I know he is still working," his son Don Junior, who said he spoke with him Friday morning, told Fox News.

Specifically, your campaign stops.

The presidents team announced that all planned events would either go virtual or be postponed. Therefore, the Republican candidate must forgo the meetings he seemed to be counting on to catch up with his persistent delay at the polls for the November 3 elections.

Donald Trump is widely criticized for his handling of the epidemic, which weighs on his chances of re-election. He is accused of having lacked compassion towards the victims of the virus and of having sent contradictory signals about its severity, about possible treatments and about the use of the mask.

Joe Biden declares

After wishing Donald and Melania Trump a speedy recovery, Joe Biden, who was declared negative on Friday morning, said: "It is not about playing tough. It is about playing your role. Wearing a mask will not only protect you. you, but also those around you. "

The concern is spreading to the Republican field, several personalities have declared positive in recent days, such as the president of the party Ronna McDaniel and Senator Mike Lee, who recently assumed the presidency.

The first alert came Thursday night for the positive test of Hope Hicks, a close adviser to Donald Trump who traveled with him on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since then, the White House has begun to track contact cases of those who approached the former real estate mogul, knowing that an infected person usually begins to spread two days before symptoms appear.

Recovery wishes

"Although we are in the midst of a great political struggle, and we take it very seriously, we also want to send our best wishes to the President of the United States and the First Lady," said his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama. Many world leaders have also expressed their wishes for a "speedy recovery" to Donald Trump and his wife. Among them, the British Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson, who was seriously affected agoa few months.

"I am convinced that your natural vitality, your vigor of soul and your optimism will help you to overcome this dangerous virus," his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine wrote him emphatically.

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