Drink beer to protect yourself from Alzheimer's?

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The hops in beer are said to have positive effects on the brain.

Previous studies have promoted the benefits of this alcoholic beverage for the cardiovascular system. Icelandic researchers have also hypothesized that the famous hopped nectar may protect against Alzheimer's risk.

Regular and moderate consumption of beer would help protect the brain against the aggregation of beta-amyloids, the famous proteins that accumulate in subjects suffering from this neurodegenerative disease characterized by memory impairment, loss of orientation and difficulties in the gestures of the daily life.

A new study by researchers at Juntendo University in Tokyo, Japan, again suggests that bitter acids in hops may protect us from cognitive decline. To reach this conclusion, the scientists enrolled 100 patients, aged between 45 and 69 years and considered at risk of memory loss.

Half took a bitter hop acid supplement every day for twelve weeks, the other half a placebo. They then analyzed the cognitive skills of all the participants, their level of concentration, and their ability to solve puzzles. And she observed much better results in the group that had taken the hop capsules. Furthermore, the researchers also observed an interesting reduction in stress.

A new track to explore therefore. However, it is unclear what these daily doses administered as dietary supplements really mean. In other words, how much beer would it take to achieve these effects.

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