Eating a fruit for dessert: why is it not recommended?

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After a meal, we always have room for dessert. To end on a sweet note without feeling guilty, many times we allow ourselves to be tempted by a fruit. However, this is not ideal. Find out why opting for fruit at the end of meals is not a good idea.

Eat slowly and at fixed times, opt for a light meal in the evening, avoid eating late. There are several fundamental principles for good nutrition. Among them, we also find the consumption of fruit at the end of a meal, which is not necessarily a good idea. If you think you are doing the right thing by enjoying these vitamin and fiber-rich foods right after a meal, eating fruit for dessert is a bad idea.

Finishing your meal with a fruit would give you a stomach ache

Although it is recommended to consume fruit daily because it has many benefits and it is essential for a balanced diet, it is not recommended to consume it at any time of the day and especially after a meal. The reason is simple: finishing your meal with fruits can disrupt and slow down digestion.

In general, fruits digest quickly. However, if the path between the stomach and the small intestine is not cleared and the food ingested during the meal begins to digest, the fruits will get stuck for several hours in the stomach before reaching the small intestine.

This phenomenon would cause stomach pains. People with a fragile digestive system can suffer bloating or even gas from fructose, a carbohydrate found mainly in fruits. The fiber in these foods can also cause intestinal pain in people with irritable bowel syndrome.

What time of day should you eat fruit?

To avoid this inconvenience, it is advisable to consume fruits outside of meals because they will be digested more quickly. It is best consumed an hour or two before a meal or three or four hours after.

It is also recommended to enjoy a fruit in the morning for breakfast when the stomach is still empty. If you still want to have a piece of fruit for dessert, you should go for cooked fruit. The fibers in these foods will have been cooked and, therefore, will be better absorbed by the body and tolerated by the sensitive intestines.

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