Facebook and Instagram: soon you will be able to hide the counter of "likes"

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Hide the "likes": it will soon be possible on Facebook and Instagram, which will give users the option to hide the number of "hearts", without resolving the debate on the potentially harmful effects of the validation search in the networks.

Users of the two giant platforms of the Facebook group will have the option of deactivating the display of the number of "likes" under all the content that is shown in their feed, and thus react, or not, without being influenced by the opinion of others. They can also suspend this popularity indicator for the images and messages they post online.

It will always be possible to know

"There is the side of consumers who read and view content, and the side of sharing. You can control it from both sides," Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, told a news conference. It will also always be possible to see who gave a "heart" to what content and therefore to count manually.

The frantic search for "likes"

The frantic search for "likes" worries many psychologists, especially for the mental health of adolescents, exposed daily, often without hindsight, to an embellished or completely artificial view of their environment and those around them. Not to mention the risks of online bullying. "Bad things are happening on Instagram, we see them," Mosseri admitted. "With a billion people in the app, we have all of humanity, good and bad." "It is our responsibility to expand the good and reduce the bad as much as possible."

No deletion is foreseen

But the social media giant ultimately did not decide to remove the "like" account, as research conducted since 2019 on test groups has been inconclusive one way or another, according to the San Francisco-based company. "The creators were very divided," Adam Mosseri said. "Small creators in general were more concerned because they are trying to determine what their audience is interested in. Established influencers were more open to this idea, because they have less need to prove themselves."

Nothing changes for the algorithm

The new option does not change the operation of the algorithm that chooses which messages appear in custom threads. The system predicts what content is likely to be of interest to each user based on many criteria, including the number of "likes", but also their likes, habits, and so on.

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