Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg indicates that we are at a "social tipping point"

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For the Swedish climate activist, the coronavirus crisis has also opened "a new dimension".

Greta Thunberg believes the world has passed a "social tipping point" in an interview broadcast on BBC News on Saturday, referring in particular to the "Black Lives Matter" movement or global warming.

"It is always the fight for justice," the 17-year-old climate activist said of the movement that followed the death of George Floyd, a black American killed by police in the United States.

"It seems that we have passed a kind of social turning point, where people are beginning to realize that we cannot continue to look the other way," she says. We cannot take our eyes off what our society has ignored for so long, be it equality, justice or sustainable development."

Greta Thunberg, who has become a spokesperson and symbol of the youth movement in the fight against global warming, however believes that "the ecological and climate crisis cannot be solved with the current political and economic systems." "It is not an opinion, it is a fact," she said.

"A new dimension"

In her opinion, the only positive thing that could emerge from the new coronavirus crisis would be the way in which global crises are handled. "It shows that during a crisis, you act and act with the necessary force," he says.

The teenager developed the same idea in an interview on Swedish public radio, saying the pandemic had opened "a new dimension." "We suddenly act at the necessary level," she says.

Since mid-March, Greta Thunberg, instigator of "school climate strikes", has called to lead the movement online, presenting the recommendations of the health authorities that call to limit the meetings. Every Friday, she posts a photo of herself and her famous "climate school strike" poster on her social media.

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