How digital addiction influences our lives

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If you feel like you've become too addicted to the screen, it may be time to explore new ways to communicate with your family. In the most severe cases, attachment disorders or difficulties in forming relationships with others may appear.

We often talk about the importance of limiting screen time for kids and teens. However, this problem does not only affect the youngest. Adults have the same access, and therefore the same responsibility, for digital addiction. And they often have more excuses than children to explain their addiction to these devices, such as work or daily tasks. But this real problem can affect a person's entire family and life.

Although digital addiction does not involve drugs or alcohol and has not yet found its place in official textbooks on mental disorders, digital addiction behaviors have been a hot topic for several years. years. The experts detected some symptoms: irritability, apathy towards life and that of loved ones, increased anxiety and signs of depression.

Set limits

Family members who use most digital devices disconnect from each other, they say, until they develop a real attachment disorder. Respect and trust in others disappears, and in the most serious cases, each person can end up avoiding creating other relationships.

To be aware of a possible problem with your digital life, specialists advise, ask yourself if you feel like you can't do without your phone or if you still need a screen pointed at your face. If so, the second step is to try to set time limits and stop sleeping next to your phone. Do you feel that the bond with your family is less and less strong? Focus on activities to do together, like games, walks without a smartphone, or even entire days without technology.

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