How to be romantic without being ridiculous?

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Is romanticism dead? No. And everyone dreams of it. Romanticism is not out of fashion, the key is how to do it.

The romantic is one who favors feelings over reason. Intimacy is therefore his favorite subject. He is "who, by nature, touches sensitivity and imagination, invites emotion and reverie, the expression of feelings" (Larousse). In this sense, there is what is most beautiful in humans and is a kind of allegory of Love itself: free, crazy, exalted. Also, romanticism is a real asset for those who master its codes: it allows you to seduce even if you don't have an Apollo or goddess physique, by mind rather than by body.

However, to avoid going through an erotomanic personality, there are some rules you should know:

We do not cover gifts for the first person to come. So if you are in a relationship: you can let go; if you are at the beginning of a story: go in moderation and if there is no story at all: wait.

Taking the time to find out who you are dealing with and what your loved one is specifically interested in is the best way to get away from stereotypes and rose water scenarios. This is where you will find the best information to tailor your attentions to others.

Personalize your attentions. It is the logical continuation of the above advice, and it is also the golden rule of the good romantic: do not copy and paste. If your lover does not like red roses, watches or jewelry, you do not need to go to this field. You have to show the other that you consider their uniqueness.

Banality is not the exclusive property of romantics. Showing a touch of madness and fantasy will bring surprise and spice up everyday life. Lots of balloons instead of roses, for example.

Spontaneity. Acting a little instinctively, considering the context of the present moment, he warns you that it can be romantic at times. Of course, we can prepare a meal in advance, but also go on weekends on a whim at 5 am.

Get inspired. So it's true, some people have it in their blood and naturally have a lot of imagination to make others dream. But if you miss it, you can get inspiration from all the romantic comedies and images. And if you have followed the other tips you will add your personal touch.

The bigger and bolder, the more it works. The good romantic defies fear of ridicule or rejection and does not do it halfway. He dares to act and say. We don't necessarily declare our flame on big lyrical flights or sending a plane message in the sky, but we do challenge ourselves a little, please.

Express your sensitivity. The romantic person is sensitive, he likes to dream and make people dream; he is an esthete, an epicurean, an artist.

But be careful, a romantic person is not heavy and full of torpor. It is deep, but it must be light enough for magic to work. She plays, has fun, and has fun doing things.

Romantic and cool examples

Gifts, sweet words, daily support, massages, compliments, bubble baths or even thoughtful gestures (like covering others with their coats in cold weather). There are countless ways to show your love for them. Romantic, but certain behaviors stand out particularly.

The good news: Bankruptcy is often unnecessary.

"I love ravioli. One day, when I was going to meet my girlfriend at her house (we didn't live in the same city), she came to pick me up from the station with a plate of ravioli still warm. I don't even know if I ate them so much that It moved me. It meant he had taken care of my tastes, that he knew me well and obviously that he loved me. " Paulina, 36 years old.

"My little girlfriend had the good taste of making a skirt with sausages and then taking a nude photo with this famous creation and two small rings of sausage on the nipples. At first I laughed a lot, and then I was very hungry" Tristán, 42.

"One Christmas night, I received a text message saying: go to a specific street in my city, a gift is waiting for you. On the site, I was received with a kind of surprise bag with my name. There were all my favorite sweets : chocolates, marshmallows, etc. I was in a small cloud for hours. " Marie, 34 years old.

You will understand that what matters is not so much what you will do, but how you will do it. The idea is to be attentive in a personalized way. A good romantic is one who takes into account the personality of the other and their peculiarities.

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