How to make money on the Internet 6: whatsapp

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9 techniques to earn money with whatsapp on your phone. Among all the applications installed on your smartphone, you agree with us that only one captivates you the most.

WhatsApp has become the first thing you think and touch in the morning when you pick up your phone and the last thing before you go to sleep? Considering the time you spend in this app, wouldn't it be interesting to seek to take advantage of it, receive a payment, or refund the time you spend there? We have summarized in nine points the free, simple, efficient and reliable ways to take advantage of the hours on WhatsApp.

1. Record as many contacts as possible.

To get started, import all the personal contacts you have on your cell phone. After that, start expanding your search to include your business contacts, friends of friends, and acquaintances. To increase your earning potential, you need to make sure you reach as many people as possible. Specifically target relevant stakeholders. Now that you have an available audience, you can focus on the people who can most benefit from your services. Adapt the content of your feed to captivate these people or communicate with them individually to surprise them.

2. Join as many different groups as you like.

This allows more freedom to adjust marketing strategies.

3. Offer your services directly.

Use WhatsApp to inform your contacts about products, skills or special offers that may be useful to them.

4. Collaborate with large companies such as restaurants, retail stores and hotel chains.

Advertise a larger company. Some companies have a policy of paying small amounts of money to people who make recommendations to new customers. Simply send messages to these companies and offer to share sponsored promotional content through WhatsApp.

5. Post links to your website.

Instead of informing people that you offer personal maintenance or personal training services, make sure that your contacts discover your services for themselves. Personalize your signature for all your messages and include a link to your website or social media profiles.

6. Organize a conference or virtual seminar.

Express your ideas to a much wider audience using the group video calling feature. Participating users will be able to see and listen to you in real time. The ideal is to be able to present specialized knowledge or information that only an expert can know. If you run multiple group seminars, you will be more likely to make a profit and reach a much wider audience. Offer live customer support. Whatsapp's one-to-one chat format makes it an ideal application to discreetly answer contacts' questions and concerns. Customers can text you, send you pictures of defective products, or even chat with an assistant to find a solution to their problem.

7. Contribute to local news.

Watch for open calls from news networks and other posts looking for media to post through a WhatsApp number. In many cases, these outlets will be willing to pay for high-quality photos, sound clips, and important news videos. As long as you have similar material, send it to news organizations directly through the app. On a daily basis, you are always prepared to capture unusual facts and events that you consider relevant from a journalistic point of view.

8. Create private groups.

One of the particularly useful features of WhatsApp is that it is possible to create user groups based on common interests or other classifications. A well-structured group can become a source of contacts interested in your promotions and your brand. Your groups must have a clear objective: for example, you can create one where customers can make suggestions about innovations they would like to see in the future or give their opinion on a new range of products.

9. Make people work for you.

On the Internet, there are many paid jobs online. Some of them are written at home, pdf to written MS Word, etc. Many companies offer surveys to receive payments. What you have to do is take the works of these Web sites and publish them in a WhatsApp group. If someone is qualified, he / she will do it for you and you will pay them directly from the amount that companies pay you for this job. Typically, the rate you receive is between $ 2 and $ 10 per page. You decide how much you would save and how much you would give to the people who worked for it. On income depends on your effort. As much time as you spend on WhatsApp working with these steps, you will earn accordingly.

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