How to make money online 4: Micro works

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Following the series on how to make money online, here is the fourth way you can receive income online; Micro workers or mini jobs that pay them for doing mini tasks.

What are micro jobs? These are mini tasks to do; which take from a few seconds to a few minutes and are remunerated accordingly.

These tasks are quite varied; Often it is about visiting a website and clicking on one or two ads, but there are also Facebook jobs, where you must like pages, post a comment, and many others.

These varied tasks also involve choosing preferred images or designs, answering questions, and even transcribing audios. For example, on the Microworkers page a reputation system is offered, if you are not serious in carrying out your jobs, you will be poorly qualified and you will have access to fewer jobs, in other words, if you are serious, you will have greater opportunities. These sites generally pay through paypal, so having a free account is essential.

Here is a list of websites that pay for micro jobs:

Microworkers is a micro-tasking website that allows you to earn money through small jobs like data entry, quick transcription, research, etc. Once you earn $ 9 dollars you can withdraw it with PayPal. You can withdraw money every Sunday and Wednesday and it takes 72 hours to receive your money after withdrawal.

Swagbucks is a fast and free way to earn money with Paypal. You can watch videos, play games, earn money while shopping, etc. Once you've had enough for a PayPal gift card, you can redeem it and it will instantly appear in PayPal.

Slice the Pie is another easy way to earn money fast and free with Paypal. You will review music and fashion (but especially music!) You can withdraw your earnings when you reach $ 10. Slice the Pie pays twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Quick Rewards is a site that offers similar ways to earn money like Swagbucks. Here you can buy to earn money, play games, complete offers, watch videos and more. The site offers several gift cards against which you can use your account balance, and PayPal money is one of the options.

Ebates, you can earn money for your online purchases, which you will probably do anyway. You will receive a percentage of your purchase, depending on the store you buy from and its offer. Ebates not only pays you to buy, but also gives you $ 10 to sign up. Ebates pays you through PayPal four times a year, as long as your account balance is $ 5 or more.

Qmee is similar to Ebates in that you get paid to buy online. But, instead of raising money for your purchases, you will simply be paid for the purchase. Qmee is actually a browser extension that displays related products when searching for a product online. You will be paid even if you don't click on a product, but by clicking you will get better rewards.

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