How to make money online 3: Amazon

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Continuing with our How to make money online series, you can also include Amazon in your income portfolio. We will see 5 ways to earn money with Amazon. As a reminder, Amazon is today the world's largest market. In other words, it is a great opportunity to do business and earn a living. Many clever little ones have already understood this and have already made Amazon a religion.

Method 1 to make money with Amazon: Mechanical Turk

This is the only method that cannot be automated. It consists of doing tasks for Amazon for which you are paid.

Google "mechanical turk Amazon" to access a page that offers a registrar.

What does it consist of? Amazon is a very well recorded machine and almost 100% automated. Almost. Certain tasks always necessary the work of human hands. Therefore, this method offers anyone doing small tasks that cannot be automated. You should know that there is no big page. The interface is in English. Therefore, it is necessary to know English.

Method 2 to make money with Amazon: Dropshiping

Second way to make money with Amazon: direct shipping or Drop shiping. Drip shipping is a special selling technique. Specifically, you will be an intermediary. Go understand a vendor's product. Customers will tour your store and buy your products. Tickets collect the cash. Then you pay the provider (get the margin). And the supplier assumed delivery to the customer.

The advantages are that there is no need for large investments, nor is it necessary to manage the products. The provider in charge of most logistics, including inventory management and delivery. We must pay attention to the quality of the supplier.

Method 3 to make money with amazon: direct selling

This is a fairly close dropshipping process. Similarly, you will buy from the supplier. But you yourself will be in charge of inventory management and customer delivery. The main advantage is that we have more control over the activity, logistics in particular. It still depends in part on the supplier's stock, but you have better control over your business. In this sense, it is possible to go through Amazon to transfer your products. In fact, Amazon can act as a storage and shipping platform.

Method 4 to make money with Amazon: sell your product

Sell you directly. The above methods include techniques that point to a view of other companies' products (for example, your camera vendor on behalf of Sony).

What is common with this method is to sell an ebook on Amazon. For a few euros, you can sell your ebook that does not require design costs. If it is not time and work. Remember to create a good quality product. In fact, always remember that behind, the buyers were there to judge the quality of your product.

To sell your product, remember to be specific in the description. This allowed Amazon to optimize its SEO. Finally, every time you make a sale, Amazon will charge you a small commission. Amazon is the most important e-commerce platform in the world. Using it as a lever to do business online is making a great profit.

Method 5 to make money with Amazon: Amazon membership

Finally, the fifth method to make money with Amazon: the famous affiliation. Amazon membership is the most automatic type of income that exists. It is a passive income. Amazon offers has worked on optimized links to sell electricity products. Affiliate links can be placed in many places. Especially in the description of YouTube videos, on Facebook, through emails, through e-books. There are many ways to join. You just need to run a website and a link to the Amazon Partner Program to start generating income. Amazon's affiliate program is completely free.

It is up to you to judiciously click your links for a small extra income. Depending on the type of product you are promoting, Amazon will pay you between 3 and 12% commission.

The best way to earn money with the Amazon affiliate is through specialized sites. If you want to create coffee or coffee, try to sell certain products related to these fields. Consider creating regular, quality content to improve your SEO.

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