Part-time Job

How to make your full time job in to part-time

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There are many reasons why you would like to transform your work from full-time to part-time. Perhaps due to family needs, a complicated schedule, health reasons, or simply moving to your workplace is very long and irritating. But when the time comes to propose it in your company it is better to leave aside personal benefits and focus on the needs of the company.

You need to put together a solid proposal on how the company will benefit from you working part-time. Your excellence as a worker is a big part of your base because it will be difficult for them to find another person like you who manages and has your knowledge of the company without costing them time and money.

Review company policies. Take the time to review the company's policies in terms of flexibility of schedules or changes of hours. Maybe changing part-time means losing benefits.

Prepare your proposal. You must be very prepared to be successful. It is not a coincidence, you should research and think beforehand how it will work. To this you must add a written proposal that talks about how many hours or days you would work, about availability for important meetings and urgent situations while you are in your free time. And also consider the projects and the work involved and the time you must do it.

Suggest a trial period. A trial period can be very helpful for both interests. You can realize that perhaps the proposed hours are not enough to carry out your tasks and you should adjust them. Or perhaps, that you need to put limits on your availability when you are on your hours or days off. Another option would be to decrease work hours gradually.

Prepare to negotiate. It is very likely that your boss needs to make adjustments to your proposal and may not agree with everything. Regardless of the answer, keep your professionalism. If it is not possible to change to part-time perhaps you can propose to work from home 2 days a week.

Finally, request a specific meeting to discuss what you propose, so you don't take your supervisor by surprise and give him time to process what the change would mean.

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