Contact Lens

How to put on and take off contact lenses correctly?

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Putting on and taking off contact lenses every day requires certain precautions. Follow the advice of an ophthalmologist to manage them correctly and avoid eye infections.

Sit in front of the mirror with your case and decontamination products within reach. Always start with the same eye. Before handling, wash your hands and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

Put on a soft lens

Open the case, right side, slide the lens into the left palm. Massage with a rinse aid. Place it on the pulp of your right index finger, checking that it is face up (bowl-shaped).

Pull the lower eyelid down with the right middle finger and lift the upper eyelid with the left middle finger. Place the lens on the eye opposite the iris. Blinks for proper placement.

Perform the same gestures with the left lens.

Empty the case, rinse it with product and allow it to air dry before closing.

Remove a soft lens

Open the right lid of the box and fill the compartment with the cleaning agent.

Pull the lower eyelid down with the right middle finger, lift the upper eyelid with the left middle finger. Then gently pinch the lens between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand.

Place it in the palm of your left hand, spray with the product and massage. Place it in the compartment and close the cap marked with D. Let it stand for the indicated time.

Do the same on the other side.

There are some variations with rigid lenses

Their size is smaller and the material is harder, but they pose like flexible ones, in front of the iris. Remove the lens from its case with the pulp of your index finger or with your thumb and index finger if you have a holder.

Removal can be done by pulling the outer edge of the eyelids. We can also bring the right index finger (located in the lower right eyelid) to the left index finger (in the upper right eyelid) to recover the lens. Finally, some people remove the lens with a small suction cup held between the thumb and forefinger.


File your nails to avoid damaging them.

Change the case every two months maximum for soft lenses.

Have a rinse solution with you if necessary.

Apply makeup after adjusting the lenses and remove makeup after removing them.

What not to do with lenses

Exceed the useful life limit indicated on the packaging.

Use tap water or saliva to clean them.

Bathing with your lenses in the pool or in a river (risk of infection).

Install a damaged lens.

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