Joe Biden accuses Trump of "ruthless assault on democratic institutions"

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US President-elect Joe Biden once again addressed Americans and accused Donald Trump of "unleashing a ruthless assault on democratic institutions" after the unprecedented violence perpetrated by his supporters with the invasion of the Capitol. on Wednesday.

"Yesterday was in my eyes one of the darkest days in our history," Joe Biden said, calling those who participated in the riots "terrorist." Donald Trump addressed the crowd on Wednesday, urging his supporters to move forward to Congress, before posting a video repeating without evidence that the election was "stolen."

Criticism of law enforcement

The next US president, who will take his seat in the White House in 13 days, said he was convinced that anti-racist protesters would have been treated "very differently" from the Donald Trump supporters who wreaked havoc in Washington on the day. previous. "They would have been treated very, very differently from the surly mob that invaded the Capitol. We all know this to be true and unacceptable," he said from his stronghold in Wilmington.

"Trump used a gang"

The president-elect called Donald Trumps behavior and language similar to that of dictators. "He attacked government institutions, attacked the press and even called for an attack on Congress yesterday," Biden said. "Trump used a gang to nullify the votes of nearly 160 million voters."

"He wanted the Supreme Court to give him victory"

"Trump tried to use the Justice Department as his personal attorney. He also appointed judges to support him, Trump judges, he called them," Joe Biden said. "He wanted the Supreme Court to give him the electoral victory, but it was not. She obeyed the law; like all electoral officials, of any party, despite pressure from Trump."

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