Journalist tests the coronavirus vaccine: "My heart is racing, my head is pounding"

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Around two hundred coronavirus vaccines are under development worldwide, and some of them are already being tested in humans.

This is notably the case for the candidate vaccine from CureVac, a German biopharmaceutical company, which is currently being tested by researchers at the Vaccinology Center (Cevac) of the University Hospital in Ghent. Among the volunteers who agreed to inject the vaccine was a reporter from De Tijd and L’Echo, who related his experience.

Currently, only healthy volunteers over 18 and under 60 are evaluated. As the journalist among the candidates explains, during the injection there was a one in five chance of receiving a placebo, but her experience suggests otherwise.


"Since the injection reactions are not yet known, we have to stay there for observation for four hours," he explains. The chance of having an allergic reaction is extremely rare, a one in a million chance, but it is life threatening. Therefore, the teams assure you that they are equipped with defibrillators.

After a final review of her blood pressure and temperature, the journalist can go home. But even though you haven't experienced any side effects in the hospital, it makes it harder to get home. “My legs seem red hot, my forehead is sweating. My heart is racing, my throat and head are pounding, and I have lost all sensation in my fingers. My temperature reached 39 ° C. It is as if someone is sitting on my rib cage, "she says.


A reassuring reaction for the researchers, who explained that he had a "very good immune reaction." The next day all the symptoms disappeared.

In a few weeks, you will receive another injection of the experimental vaccine. Your blood will then be tested several times over the next few months to look for antibodies.

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