Kimchi: discover this new food for immunity

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Thyme, pomegranate, shellfish, crustaceans. These foods help boost our immunity, but they are not the only ones. According to nutritionist doctor Jean-Michel Cohen, a traditional Korean dish, little known in the West, also improves natural defenses: kimchi. Discover this food that allows you to better resist viruses.

In these times of coronavirus and in winter periods, all means are good to strengthen your immune system. What if the key to being less vulnerable to viruses was to eat food directly from Korea? This is what nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen told him. According to the specialist, kimchi could be a valuable weapon in the fight against viruses, especially the coronavirus, because it is on the list of the healthiest foods in the world.

Immunity: what are the benefits of kimchi?

Kimchi has many virtues. According to Jean-Michel Cohen, this preparation would not only stimulate the immune system but also reduce inflammation in the body. This very spicy and acidic recipe would also provide a large amount of probiotics, which would balance the intestinal flora. Probiotics are present in the different ingredients of kimchi. This dish, which is served with all meals in South Korea, consists mainly of peppers and vegetables fermented with lacto, Chinese cabbage, carrots, radishes or turnips. It is sometimes garnished with garlic, onion, oysters, ginger, or sesame seeds.

Another benefit: it would help fight different types of cancer. "This property is related to the ingredients that make it up. Cabbage is rich in flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that block the growth of cancer cells. Chilli pepper contains capsaicin, a substance that appears to slow the development of lung cancer and pancreas. Finally, several studies suggest that the bacteria present in kimchi significantly reduce the risk of colon, rectal and stomach cancer, as well as produce propionic acid that reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces inflammation and lowers the risk of blocked arteries, "said the nutritionist doctor.

Kimchi: how to prepare this traditional Korean dish?

Kimchi is quick and easy to make. To prepare this dish, Jean-Michel Cohen recommends placing chopped vegetables, herbs, and brine, a mixture of water and salt, in a glass jar. Before closing the jar and letting the preparation ferment, it is recommended to close everything well to avoid air bubbles.

"After two days at room temperature, we see bubbles form, a sign that fermentation has started. This is proof that bacteria are proliferating. Then we can put the jar in the refrigerator to slow down the process. three weeks, the kimchi begins to harden. The Koreans prolong the fermentation for several more weeks, but you can stop there. Be careful, the kimchi is not cooked, it is eaten raw, "he said.

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