Masks: when can we stop using them?

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The use of a mask, frequent hand washing, social distancing. For a year now, barrier gestures have become essential measures in the fight against Covid-19.

The use of a mask is now mandatory in all closed places open to the public, such as shops, supermarkets or even schools. You also need to take it outdoors.

In the European case, for example in France, Bernard González, prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, began a gradual lifting of the use of the mask abroad. Given the decrease in pollution, masks are no longer mandatory in urban green spaces (parks, gardens), the coast (beaches) and bodies of water (lakes, ponds) in the Maritime Alps.

Professor Alain Fischer, former pediatrician at the Necker Center (Paris) and responsible for the governments vaccination strategy on the end of the use of masks, indicates:

"This is the last step. To get out of this epidemic, the system rests on two feet: that of vaccination and that of physical and distancing measures. All studies show that if we do one without the other, we are not getting out ". "If everyone puts their money into it, from politics to healthcare professionals to the general public, we should get there."

"We know that vaccination protects against serious forms and we believe that it protects well from the spread of the virus and, therefore, from the risk of an epidemic. When enough French people are vaccinated, we may consider lowering our guard," said the health minister of the European country.

Olivier Véran, however, cautioned that he cannot provide an official date for the end of the mask. "But as soon as we can meet again, calmly consider the end of the barrier gestures and the end of the mask," he said.

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