McDonald's offers a "happy meal" for grandparents in Sweden

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To break the isolation of the elderly, vulnerable during this health crisis, the fast food giant launched a marketing operation specially dedicated to the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

"In Sweden, grandparents have surprised their grandchildren with Happy Meal since 1986. But with social estrangement, it has been difficult for them to share a meal," McDonald's said in an announcement with the DDB communications agency.

During a weekend, the children were invited to drag a drawing, a letter or other surprises to the menu of their choice. These personal items have replaced the traditional toys on the "Happy Meal" menus. The orders were delivered to the grandparents' houses.

The American fast food chain, present in Sweden, is redoubling its inventiveness during the coronavirus pandemic. With isolated elders, McDonald’s came up with the idea of creating a special menu to keep them connected to their grandchildren. The restaurant chain has offered families orders for the elderly. By purchasing Happy Meal, McDonald's children's menu, kids can drag a design to the menu box, which is then sent to their grandparents.

Then the grandparents received their Happy Meal Senior, with their favorite menu inside and messages from their grandchildren. The advertising presented recalled that older people "surprise their grandchildren with Happy Meal since 1986." Sweden has chosen not to limit the inhabitants, but the elderly are asked to stay at home, they are very deprived of seeing their descendants.

Swimsuit made of plastic straw.

Another operation witnessed this time in Austria is on plastic straws that no longer exist in franchised restaurants in the country. In addition, the chain launched a collection of swimwear made from these same straws.

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