Meatless diet: watch out for fractures

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A British study finds that a vegetarian or vegan diet is associated with an increased risk of fractures, especially of the hip. Explanations.

Researchers from the University of Oxford analyzed data from a cohort of approximately 55,000 individuals (mean age 45) followed from 1993 to 2010.

Initially followed to study the influence of diet on cancer risk. In the group they found both meat lovers, fishermen (that is, people who eat fish, eggs and milk but not meat), as well as vegetarians (who eat eggs and milk) and vegans, who do not ingest any animal products.

They found that meat lovers were less likely to suffer hip fractures than others. They found no significant difference for other types of fractures (wrist, arm, and ankle).

The scientists found that they were consuming more calcium and protein. We know that the latter facilitate the absorption of calcium from food and that calcium is a fundamental element to preserve the quality of bones.

These results were obtained after adjusting for the participants standard of living and their body mass index (BMI), which is also known to play an important role as meatless dieters have a lower BMI, which makes them more fragile.

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