Memory: how to remember the name of someone

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For work or social life, it is often the same: you cannot remember the name of the person you were introduced to last week. Do you think you have no memory? Is not safe.

Not remembering peoples names can be paralyzing. "It is the same every time: someone introduces me - often in the context of work - I ask their name knowing that I have to remember it, and in fact my attention soars, I do not remember a few minutes later, says Claire, 42. I try tricks to get out of that, like consistently representing myself to the people I am supposed to know. Sometimes it works and the person introduces himself again. Sometimes it does not work.

Various memories

Of course, we are not all the same when it comes to the "memory capacity" of our brains. But these many people who think they have no memory confuse memory and attention, and are not aware that we do not have one memory but several.

The most reliable memory is procedural memory, which means that even after 5 years of not riding a bike, we can do it without falling. The memory that we use to remember, among other things, peoples names is called "working" memory. However, if it tends to decline with age, it can be stimulated by implementing strategies.

Pay attention

Here are some attitudes to put into practice at the crucial moment of presentations with one or more people, at work or on a night out with friends.

Pay attention to what the person says, in this case their name. This means: do not look over your shoulder at the same time to see what is happening in other places, much less check your smartphone discreetly. Be completely with the person in front of you.

Establish a rehearsal system. Immediately repeat the persons name, ask them to spell their name if necessary, or even ask them questions about their origin if the name seems foreign to you. All these marks of attention are always appreciated by the interlocutor, who will have the impression of having a benevolent person towards him. All of this is a "plus", at work and elsewhere.

Play the race against time. It is often in the first few minutes after the presentation that memorization takes place. Here again, it is beneficial to repeat the names. Example: you sit at a meeting around a table with people who have just introduced you. Go around the table inwardly to repeat all the names to yourself. Repeat the same indoor roundtable when the meeting ends.

Make yourself laugh: all technical memorandum means are welcome to memorize. If the little tips help you, and to remember someones name, you think of a funny character, welcome!

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