My daughter looked "almost dead" after eating a surprise kindergarten

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Temperature, stomach pain and lethargic state. During the past week, the state of health of Brooklyn-Mai, a British girl of five years, suffered very difficult moments with her mother.

Doctors diagnosed him with a salmonella infection. According to her mother, Charlotte Wingfield, this could only be due to one thing: the Kinder Surprise that she ate the day before the first symptoms appeared.

Since January, a hundred cases of salmonellosis have been confirmed in Europe and in the United Kingdom, at least 105 people have been infected. Some would have been after having consumed chocolates of the Ferrero brand produced in the factories of Arlon. Brooklyn-Mai, a five-year-old British girl, was one of the victims.

Letty, 5, fell ill after eating a Kinder Surprise: "I went to the bathroom 30 times a day"

"Brooklyn-Mai was very sick when I picked her up from daycare. Like me the week before, I thought she just caught the same thing I did," explains her mother, Charlotte. “My daughter has been sick several times before, but I felt like it was something else,” she continues, adding that out of 96 hours, Brooklyn-Mai only stayed awake for 12 to 14 hours and her temperature even rose to 39°. C. "And when she was awake, she was like she was absent. She was like disembodied, internal, almost dead. It was heartbreaking to see that my girl, usually feisty, adventurous and very active, was just the opposite."

Charlotte, not knowing how to help her daughter, called her doctor, who compiled a list of illnesses that her symptoms might correspond to. She also advised him to go to the hospital for further tests.

Confirmed salmonellosis

Although Charlotte thought that Brooklyn-Mai had simply contracted a virus, three days after going to the hospital with her, the results came back: "It was confirmed that she had salmonellosis. For me, it's from a Kinder chocolate that she ate."

A week after the first symptoms of a salmonella infection appeared in Brooklyn-Mai, her condition had not improved much. On Easter Sunday, the girl seemed to be a little better, so the little girl and her family went out to look for eggs with the grandparents. But when she got home, Brooklyn-Mai got weird again. "She was in extreme pain so we went straight to the hospital," wrote Charlotte Wingfield on Monday.

Arlon plant closure

The first case of Salmonella infection was detected on January 7 in the United Kingdom and, since February 17, infections have been detected in several countries. As discussed above, a total of 105 cases of salmonellosis have been almost certainly linked to Ferrero products.

Already 63 cases have been linked with certainty to chocolate products in the UK, 20 in France, 10 in Ireland, four in Germany as well as Sweden, two in the Netherlands and one each in Luxembourg and Norway. In Germany, three cases are still under investigation.

On Friday, the Ferrero factory in Arlon was forced to close, following the bacterial accident that affected several Kinder eggs and chocolates. The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (Afsca) recalled all Kinder products manufactured there and withdrew its production authorization from this site.

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