Barack Obama

Obama: "America's divisions are deep"

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Former US President Barack Obama underlines, in a book to be published next week, how "deep" America's divisions are and how Donald Trump's departure alone will not be enough to save them.

In an excerpt from the first volume of his memoir "A Promised Land" that will go on sale Tuesday and from which The Atlantic magazine publishes excerpts, Donald Trumps predecessor recalls the four years that have passed since his departure.

"Perhaps most disturbing of all, our democracy appears to be on the verge of going into crisis," he wrote. "A crisis anchored in the clash between two visions of what America is and should be," he continues, denouncing the trampling of standards and a basis of fact that was for a long time, "a win" for both Republicans and Democrats. .

"Much hope"

While he welcomes the election to the White House of his former Vice President Joe Biden, he cautions against any angelic views of the post-Trump years. "I also know that an election will not solve the problem," he wrote. "Our divisions are deep, our challenges are impressive," he adds.

The 44th president of the United States, however, says he is "full of hope" for the future, convinced that with "hard work, determination and a good deal of imagination" the United States can hope to reflect "the best in us." .

In this thick first volume (768 pages) of his memoirs, Barack Obama also recounts his writing process (with a pen, not on the computer) and his difficulty in being concise. He slips in passing what happened to him during his eight years in the White House, finding a quiet little corner for a little "late night cigarette." The relationship, and then Obamas outright break with smoking, was the subject of intense speculation during his 2008 campaign and first term.

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