Personal development: 4 keys to making the right decision

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When time is of the essence, it is not always possible to make a calm decision. How, under these conditions, to make the best decision?

To help you make a good and quick decision, here are some tips from Yann Coirault, business consultant and trainer.

1. Take a step back

One of the biggest pitfalls is getting carried away by emotions. "Bear this in mind, warns Yann Coirault. Verbalizing your emotions already allows you to take a step back." Do you feel fear, anger, euphoria? Why ? Also force yourself to collect information that goes against your "emotional" choice.

"This is to avoid "confirmation bias", which is only considering data that supports our first impression."

To find some calm and serenity, breathe 3 times calmly and deeply, closing your eyes.

2. Identify the problem objectively

The QQOQCP method involves asking yourself some simple questions: who, what, where, when, how, why, to isolate the real problems from the superfluous elements.

We often have hidden objectives: it is important to bring them to light in order to clearly reformulate the decision to be made.

3. Evaluate the solutions

"When you are short on time, you usually make two choices," says Yann Coirault. You have to work hard to find a third party, which is often more creative. "

For each one, list the pros and cons, but do not get lost in the details. "Do not take into account only rational criteria, ask yourself if these options coincide with your values and beliefs."

Take a sheet of paper and make a diagram of your thinking in the form of a "decision tree", to quickly visualize the consequences of each solution.

4. Trust yourself

Do not wait to be certain, because it is unlikely to arrive! Now is the time to trust your intuition. "It is never the result of chance," explains Yann Coirault. Intuition is the result of experience. "

The brain is capable of processing a lot of information at the same time and goes through a process of analysis, part of which escapes our consciousness. You have provided him with information, it is up to him!

"You also have to accept that your decision will not be perfect and, if possible, find a way out to adjust it over time."

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