Post-covid syndrome: phenomenon increasingly observed in previous patients

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Patients who have been affected with Covid-19 still experience symptoms for several weeks after the first signs of infection appear. This post-Covid syndrome is often seen in people who have developed mild to moderate forms of the coronavirus.

Five weeks after back to normal, the French Ministry of Health took stock of the health situation: "The virus is circulating throughout the country, as shown by the number of new" groups. "So far no group has shown 'transmission Uncontrolled Community. ”Although the number of people in intensive care continues to decline, former patients who have been infected with Covid-19 continue to experience symptoms for weeks or even months after infection.

This phenomenon called "post-covid syndrome" is characterized by a resurgence of symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath or headache. "Despite various types of physical manifestations, the most common symptoms remain immense tiredness and shortness of breath. These patients do not repeat a Covid, they have the symptoms, but almost all of those we analyzed were negative for a reinfection," he explained. Pierre Tattevin, president of the French-language infectious disease society and infectologist at the CHU in Rennes.

How many people suffer from post-Covid syndrome? So far, the government has not released official figures. "Based on our observations, 15% of the less severe Covid-19 patients (ie, home care) had these signs, six weeks after the first symptoms," estimated infectologist Pierre Tattevin.

In most cases, they are patients with mild to moderate forms who do not recover for several weeks after contracting the virus. On June 12, Foch Hospital in Suresnes opened a "Rehab-Covid" service to help convalescents affected by relapses. The medical unit has established an evaluation report based on four criteria: weight loss greater than 10% in the acute phase, hyperventilation syndrome, anxiety disorder or even a post-traumatic syndrome and physical deconditioning.

The results of the evaluation report allow us to find the most appropriate treatment for patients facing this post-Covid syndrome. The results of the four evaluations are normal; they are referred to a physical therapist for physical reconditioning sessions. If patients experience any of the four symptoms presented in the evaluation, they are referred to a competent professional, such as a dietitian, clinical psychologist, physical therapist, or pulmonologist, for appropriate treatment. If they have more than one of these symptoms, a full checkup at Foch Hospital is required.

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