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Secrets to make your YouTube video viral

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Going viral in a video is like cooking. Having a good recipe with key ingredients makes it easier to get it right, but you'll still have a hard time on the first few tries. Then the food will start to turn out better and better until you create wonderful dishes.

There are many videos that are viral; Although their content varies greatly, the most viral videos have several characteristics in common. They are low budget, they have humor in some way, they are topical, they are provocative and they have some surprises.


People watch videos on YouTube when they are not working. Mondays are usually slower at work and Thursday is the relaxation of the coming weekend. Thursdays could be the best day since on Mondays people catch up on their emails.


Our concentration is limited, and unless it is a tutorial, it is not interesting to learn in the video, but to have a good time. If you want to teach, do it in steps. For example, Tasty's cooking recipes quickly and graphically show you how to cook something delicious in 30 or 60 seconds. The longer the video lasts, the more likely you will have to get back to your work before it ends and no one will share it.


Simple and clear always works. Before you start, define what your video will be about and focus on making it as clear as possible. You must tell a story.


Each video must have a title worth a click. It is not necessary to use baits, but a powerful one out of curiosity. If you have clarity in the message you can title it more easily. The title must create expectation. The key is to find what motivates your target audience and look for an emotional reaction.


Even a Tasty recipe has a surprise, which in this case matches the end result. They show you how the dish is ready and cut it slowly with the fork so that you can see the layers or their ingredients while your mouth is watering. It can be in many ways, that it scares, that of a completely opposite turn, that the unexpected happens; This does not mean that it has to be elaborate.

Finally, send it to as many people as possible. Use your social networks, tell your contacts to distribute it on all platforms. The more links there are online, the more opportunities for the video to be distributed as a virus.

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