Self-esteem: an essential quality for the happiness of the couple

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To be happy in your relationship, be happy with yourself! However, this rule is not easy to apply for people with low self-confidence, explain the researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

People with low self-esteem do not dare to talk about relationship problems with their partner for fear of rejection. A sometimes destructive attitude.

According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, in the United States, people who do not trust themselves do not openly talk about what they do not like about their life as a couple. Because of this, they tend to stay in relationships that make them unhappy. In question: not a lack of interest, as the other partner might believe, but a fear of rejection, of being hurt, all bathed in a strong feeling of insecurity.

"We tend to believe that people with low confidence are more negative and complain more than others," says study author Megan McCarthy. "While this behavior is true in other situations, in love, couples with low self-esteem do not dare to talk about relationship problems."

Know how to resolve the dissatisfaction situation

The person in question tends to think that shutting up, silently forgiving, and forgetting is a constructive attitude. However, while this is true for small problems, it can be destructive for large problems, the researchers note.

The authors of this work have already planned to conduct a second study on how a greater sense of power or influence in a partner with low self-esteem can promote more open communication.

"We all know that romantic relationships can sometimes be difficult. The solution is how to resolve the situation if you are not satisfied with your partner," concludes Megan McCarthy.

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