Smoking is more dangerous after a meal

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Smoking is bad for your health, nothing new. But did you know that some cigarettes are more dangerous than others? This is the case where you smoke after a good meal. The one that believes that it "helps digest."

When we smoke a cigarette right after eating, the tobacco smoke goes directly into our stomach, says Grazia magazine. Several studies have shown that smoking after a meal is equivalent to smoking several cigarettes at the same time. This is because the nicotine ingested passes through our digestive tract and mixes with the oxygen in our blood.

"Tobacco is often added to other habits that are bad for digestion, such as alcohol or coffee," says Dr. Veyrie, a specialist in general, digestive, oncological and bariatric surgery, cited by Grazia.


In the long run, this bad habit can lead to gastritis or a stomach ulcer. It can also increase the risk of developing gastric cancer. Therefore, experts recommend waiting 1.5 hours after a meal before lighting up. Obviously, not smoking at all is even better.

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