Stressed? Why you should look at pictures of animals

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Researchers have found that gorging on cuteness reduces anxiety.

This morning, he came across a video of a beaver eating cabbage at a table. He catches the pieces with his little paws and his little mustaches wiggle around as he chews, staring at the camera with his little eyes like two panty buttons and his cheeks swell and deflate with irresistibly comical effect. And then you say to yourself: "But this is so cute!"

Well that you know this: being glued to videos or photos of kittens, puppies, ducklings or any representative of cuteness is excellent for your health. Melt stress like a piece of butter in the sun.

Australian researchers have proven this through experience (the very foundation of science), asking nineteen people to view animal slide shows. And it didnt fail: Over the duration of the experiment, the participants heart rate dropped 6.65% on average, from 72.2 to 67.4 bpm. As for blood pressure, it decreased on average from 8/13 to 7/11: "Throughout the session, heart rate and blood pressure decreased in all individuals to a level that is considered healthy and indicative of limited stress or anxiety, "observes one of the researchers.

One test participant testified that he wanted to "be on a beach with these little critters," in this case kangaroos, since the study is Australian. This emphasizes that not all animals are created equal to eliminate stress. While kangaroos have been shown to be particularly effective, other creatures will not be; We do not recommend the Goliath tarantula.

But in these anxiety-inducing times when stress escalates just listening to the news, a slideshow of cute kittens or chewy stuffed animals wont hurt. Now that you know, you can see them without shame.

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