Sugar: why you should be careful with plain yogurt

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A British study revealed the presence of unspoken sugar in a large part of so-called "natural" yogurts. And contrary to popular belief, organic yogurts are sometimes sweeter than flavored yogurts.

So-called "natural" yogurts, which do not mention sugar or aroma, could well hide your game. In fact, many consumers would underestimate the amount of sugar present in yogurts, and more particularly in organic yogurts. This is confirmed by a recent study carried out jointly by researchers from the University of Leeds and the University of Surrey (United Kingdom).

Their work, published in the medical journal BMJ Open and broadcast by The Independent, revealed that of 921 different yogurts tested, those labeled "organic" had a higher sugar content than certain flavored or fruit yogurts. During these analyzes, less than 1 in 10 products would have been classified as "low in sugar".

What this study also tells us is that all yogurts prepared with milk necessarily contain sugar: this is a natural sugar, lactose content, which is a carbohydrate present in milk of animal origin.

So even if you opt for plain yogurt or "Greek" yogurt, you are consuming sugar. It is true that it is present in small amounts, but it is not necessarily mentioned on the labels.

"Products labeled organic are often considered the healthiest option, but they can be an important and little-known source of added sugar in the diet of many people," say the study authors.

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