Surprise yourself with the most searched definition in Google in 2020

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At this time of health crisis, the definitions around the coronavirus have of course been increasing, but this is not the consultation that has generated the most research.

The giant Google has just communicated the most searched queries in its engine in 2020. As expected, the definitions "pandemic", "containment" and "coronavirus group" appear in the top 5.

But the most typed definition has been "procrastination." This term, which continues to gain positions since 2018, basically means "postpone what we could or should do right now." Procrastination is delaying the completion of a task despite the consequences it could have. A lazy strategy? Not so much, in fact, research has shown that procrastination does not necessarily come down to an avoidance strategy. Assuming, it could be an excellent tool to organize your priorities, ask you to reflect, let yourself be carried away by the present moment, stimulate your creativity and gain performance when it comes to acting.

Other flagship Google queries in 2020

In the research category that begins with "How", the big winners are the practical questions related to the Covid-19 news: "How to make a mask?", "How do you know if you have the coronavirus?" and "How do I put on a mask?"

In the "Trends" category of Google, we also find, as expected, the expressions "coronavirus", "covid attestation" and "coronavirus warning", as well as "American elections" or "PS5".

When it comes to the home, confinement has naturally led to a renewed interest in DIY and recipes in particular. Googles top 5 is "My Home Class", "Homemade Bread" followed by "Homemade Frangipane Pancake", "Homemade Pizza" and the now very useful "Homemade Hydroalcoholic Gel".

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