The danger of getting coronavirus

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In the opinion of one of the best pulmonologists in Europe, Alexander Chuchalin, head of the Russian health system, people affected and recovered by the new Coronavirus will be subject to high mortality in the future.

A patient who presents with a cough has the symptom of damage to the lower respiratory tract. The biological target of the virus is the epithelial cells: the nose, the pharyngeal region, the trachea and then the small bronchioles, being these especially dangerous for humans. And this means that, having this mechanism, the virus leads to a sudden collapse of the immune system.

The virus is a protein that is associated with the regulation of innate immunity and acquired immunity. And how can we see this? As deep damage to lymphocytes. If the patient is tested, the white blood cells and increased platelets will appear. It means that you have stable lymphopenia.

The first stage is a harmless cold for 7 to 8 days. From day 9 to day 14 the situation changes qualitatively, because it is during this period that viral and bacterial pneumonia forms, due to the colonization of microorganisms, mainly in the pharyngeal region.

The stage where doctors must act skillfully is in the first stage, when it is a mild cold, a runny nose, and the temperature is slightly high. When it passes to the coughing and shortness of breath stage it is a different disease. If this situation is not controlled, the disease progresses to non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema and can only be treated with mechanical ventilation. At this stage the immunosuppression caused by the defeat of the acquired and innate immunity becomes fatal and the patient is affected by pathogens as aggressive as fungi. Of the cases of death that occurred, 50% of those who were under artificial ventilation filled with fungi in the alveoli.

What is the fate of the people who endured all this and managed to live?

The infected people suffered a virus period, suffered from viral bacterial pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema and septic pneumonia, will they be healthy or not? What is the fate of people who have suffered a coronavirus infection?

This group of people who have had a coronavirus infection develop pulmonary fibrosis within a year, the lung becomes like burnt gum. So, we understand that the immune system will suffer dramatically. We understand the high vulnerability of person to infection that begins to colonize the respiratory tract. The doctor stated.

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