The keys to happiness at work

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Being happy at work is possible and desirable for your own mental and physical health. Four essential keys to making a professional life have been identified.

For the vast majority of people, work is a chore. This is a task to be endured, not a pleasure. Therefore, our private life is used to decompress and strike a balance between professional and personal fields. However, happiness at work is possible.

Finding pleasure in our profession, handling bad moments, improving relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers, knowing that our place within the company is important; It is all these little aspects that create a pleasant professional experience.

So how can we make our working life more satisfying? Experts on the Greater Good Magazine site have identified four key pillars: purpose, commitment, endurance, and kindness.


Our purpose is a reflection of our core values, and we feel most useful at work when our everyday behaviors and decisions are in line with these values. Bringing more passion to work can mean asserting yourself in the formulation and execution of our daily tasks. For example, if you value equality and diversity, you can collaborate with people from different backgrounds.


Commitment at work is often very low. But there are three ways to increase it: add a little creativity and lightness to your daily life, give employees more freedom in terms of their schedule and tasks to do, and finally, avoid being a professional immersed in yourself. To accomplish this, some companies are moving away from hyperactivity, multitasking, permanent availability, emails and calls after business hours and congestion in meetings.


The ability to cope with setbacks, failures, and disappointments, adapt to them, and learn productive lessons from them is essential to overall happiness at work. Resilience does not mean trying to prevent difficulties, calm stress or avoid confrontations, but rather being able to handle challenges at work in an authentic way. To strengthen it, it is essential to improve our awareness of the present time. Mindful meditation techniques can be a good place to start. Being true to yourself at work takes the stress out of pretending to feel emotions you don't feel.


Being kind at work involves treating others with dignity and respect, showing empathy and compassion, practicing gratitude, and dealing with conflict constructively. Being polite and civil allows you to build a relationship of trust, share your resources, and listen. All of this contributes to a happier workday.

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