The smell of new cars could be carcinogenic

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The smell of new from your car could be bad for your health. We explain it to you.

The sweet scent of new vehicles. This clean scent is so popular that it breeds on some "smelling trees" much to the delight of motorists. And yet it would not be safe for our health. According to a new study, published in the scientific journal ScienceDirect, the chemicals that cause this odor could be carcinogenic. Its harmfulness could even be comparable to the particles emitted by the exhaust pipes.

More risk for trips of more than twenty minutes

To carry out their study, researchers at the University of California measured the levels of five chemical compounds (TDCIPP, benzene, formaldehyde, DEHP and DBP) in the air of the passenger compartment, depending on the time spent in the car and its age. All of its substances are also listed under "Proposition 65," a California law that provides residents with a list of all toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

As a result, the scientists found that trips of more than twenty minutes per day would increase the risk of developing certain cancers. These are the chemical compounds, in particular benzene and formaldehyde, used during the manufacture of vehicles, which slowly infiltrate the passenger compartment air. An even more alarming finding when the vehicle is new. "These chemicals are highly volatile and move easily from plastics and textiles into the air you breathe," says environmental toxicologist David Volz, one of the studys authors.

Ventilation and parking in the sun

To preserve your health, scientists recommend, whenever possible, air your car daily. You can also favor outdoor parking spaces with sunlight, to evacuate these harmful substances more quickly. It is also advisable to remove all plastic interior liners on the dash or doors, and regularly dust the cloth seats.

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