The trick of the mathematician who has won the lottery 14 times

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All Lottery players dream of winning the jackpot. Everyone hopes to one day know the ultimate trick to winning the jackpot. A mathematician of Romanian origin, who claims to have won 14 times, has just shared it.

Stefan Mandel, a Romanian mathematician and economist, won the Lottery twice while living in Romania, while trying to raise enough money to get his family out of the then communist country, he tells The Independent. The man is in Australia, where he has won the jackpot twelve more times.

Its secret is based on a calculation. For a lottery where the rule is to find six correct numbers between 1 and 40, the number of possible combinations is 3,838,380. Next, you need to look for lotteries in which the jackpot is three times (or more) greater than the number of possible combinations. If the jackpot is 10 million euros, for example, and the ticket costs one euro, playing each combination, and therefore the winner, would win a lot. And this despite the large investment.

Stefans idea is to bring together partners who are willing to invest a large amount of money before betting. You then share the money you win with your investors and get a big chunk of the jackpot. In total, the Romanian pocketed $ 97,000 of the $ 1.3 million he earned from his stunt.

Method prohibited in Australia

Back then; Before moving to Israel, Stefan was printing millions of tickets in all possible combinations. But today, the use of this method is prohibited in Australia, due to its many benefits.

On the other hand, the trick can be risky, especially if other players also find the winning combination. In this case, the winnings are divided among the different winners. Therefore, the remaining sum may not be sufficient to repay the initial investors.

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