"The virus is with us forever": shocking phrase from a WHO official

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One question remains on everyone's lips: When will the coronavirus crisis end?

Summer helped accelerate the epidemic

"The count is not in weeks or months but in years. Again, it will depend on the vaccine, if it is effective and for how long. Until its arrival, the waves will continue to happen. One thing is certain, the virus is with us to always, "explained Catherine Smallwood, head of emergency situations at the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe.

Covid-19: a vaccine available in the coming months?

Catherine Smallwood spoke about the evolution of the health situation. According to her, the decline this summer has helped accelerate the epidemic. Countries have reauthorized travel and the reopening of bars and restaurants. Barrier gestures were also less respected. For the specialist, now we must "invent a new normal" to live with the virus, which is a "formidable enemy."

The emergency manager also brought up the topic of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. According to Catherine Smallwood, there is little chance that a vaccine will be available in the next few months. "Even when we do have them, it will take time for them to be accessible to the population and the first vaccinated will be the most vulnerable. During this period that can be long, the virus will continue to circulate," he said.

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