There are 3 moments in our life when we gain the most weight

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Over time, our body changes. A development marked by one or another weight gain. These kilos that fluctuate on the scale are linked to three specific moments in life according to a British study.

Emotions, age, or even illness can cause your weight to fluctuate. But according to researchers at the University of Cambridge, three very specific periods of life are particularly favorable for weight gain. Two of her analyzes focused on the impact of parenthood and the consequences of entering higher education, as well as the first paper on weight changes.

Parenting makes us gain weight in the long term, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge. In fact, according to the results of their research, pregnancy would increase an average of 1.3 kilograms in mothers compared to women who do not have children.

Parents are not spared. Another study published in 2015 in the American Journal of Mens Health also noted that fatherhood puts on 1.5 to 2 kilograms.

University and first job

The second study, which looked at the impact of entering higher education and the first job on weight, showed that there is generally a decrease in physical activity of 7.04 minutes per day upon leaving high school.

"These studies highlight key moments in life when it may be necessary to focus on advice on diet and activities and help people adopt healthier lifestyles," says the National Health Service (NHS), health system UK public on its website.

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