They invent a paint that regulates the temperature of the house

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The forces of cold waves, the radiators run at full speed, the energy bill increases, the pollution also. What if one of the solutions were as simple as a brushstroke?

1st prize for the eco-innovative company, category "energy saving", a good prize for Protec Industries, a company located in Trégeux in the Côtes d´Armor, France. These specialists in industrial paint design have developed a revolutionary paint, which could well change the way we heat ourselves.

A painting that captures the heat

Tempolis is the name of this revolutionary painting. Your secret? It is made from a phase change material (PCM). How does it work ? This original material stores energy and then releases it at the right time to ensure an ambient temperature between 18 and 26 ° C. In winter, for example, paint on the floor or on the walls will better diffuse the heat emitted by the stove or radiators throughout the day in the house. But this Tempolis paint will mainly absorb excess heat to restore them at night, when the outside temperature will drop and the heating will be reduced.

Control the comfort zone of a room, to keep it between 18 and 26 °. This paint works the same way in summer and therefore helps keep rooms cool.

Less heating and cooling

By thus regulating the temperature of the rooms, this paint, which acquires all the desired colors, allows energy savings of 5 to 15%. When we know that heating is a huge expense for budgets, we can see the value of this new paint. Applicable on all surfaces, this paint is applied with a roller, with two hours of drying. It will be appreciated anywhere in the house, from the bedroom to the living room, including the bathroom, of course.

To leave nothing to chance, the performance of this new paint has been tested under real-world conditions for one year. A thermal engineer was able to attest to the effectiveness of Tempolis. Best of all, this paint is rated A + for its VOC emissions to indoor air.

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