Tidy up to be happier

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It is a promise full of common sense: see more clearly in your closets to see more clearly in your life! From there to thinking that tidy up would allow us to be happier

Empty, order, see things clearly, all these expressions can be applied both to our home and to our mind. "It is not just for the sake of the formula," emphasizes Laurence Einfalt, a psychologist and organizational coach. "People who visit me are most often at a turning point in their life."

A clean place sends energy

Putting in order would therefore not be an abominable task, starting with the cleaning that we often dream of delegating. So says Dominique Loreau, a French resident in the Land of the Rising Sun, who has dedicated several books to this topic.

"Home is used to living better," he recalls. Cleaning is surrounding oneself with order, cleanliness and, therefore, beauty. However, beauty is essential for well-being, for lightness. A dirty place depresses, tires, while a clean place sends energy. "

"The peace of an interior and the peace of the interior depend on order. We no longer suffer, we act," says Dominique Loreau.

Sort to judge what you really need

Marie Kondo, a Japanese in her thirties and the author of a unique storage method that she described in her world bestseller The Magic of Storage, goes even further. She tells how, after following her advice, her clients feel overwhelmed. "Some have lost weight, others have changed careers."

When Marie Kondo talks about tidying up, she is not dealing with everyday chores, but a large-scale "special operation" that lightens considerably, from house to head. "Putting in order in the background is a very trivial operation, it does not consist of sorting and then throwing", says Marie Kondo. But to do it you have to get involved, realize what you like and what you do not like, adopt clear criteria to judge what you really need.

The action is quite drastic. Rather than tidying room after room, it is important to empty your closets to have a clear view of the extent of your possessions. Marie Kondo advises approaching the clothes in order, then the books, the papers, the objects and finally the most delicate memories.

Each category is placed on the ground in turn. Faced with each item, we ask ourselves: "Should I keep it or should I get rid of it?" "In case of hesitation, you take the object in your hand and ask yourself:" Does it make me happy? Yes: we keep it. No: we delete it.

Rest assured, Marie Kondo only prescribes this operation once a year.

"The announced interior transformations are possible because by ordering in this way, alone, in our inner silence, we finally discover what we really want."

Order to feel confident in your choices

In front of each object in front of which one asks "Do I keep it or throw it?" It is our ability to make decisions that is in question, our attachment to the past, our fear of the future.

The magnitude of this work, says Marie Kondo, "gives us a feeling of euphoria that daily disorder cannot reveal. Euphoria of seeing his life light up, of feeling confident in his choices, of knowing how to make decisions."

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